News broke last night that WordPress will be pushing the highly controversial update in two days (Thursday, December 6th).

What is coming in 2 days?

On December 6th WordPress will be releasing the latest update to its CMS that millions of sites rely on. This update fundamentally changes how users create and edit content within the WordPress platform. Content will now be created and managed with the implementation of “blocks” from Gutenberg. You can find out more (and see the reviews from the community) here.

Does this affect me?

Yes. This will have a cascading effect on sites that currently utilize WordPress as their backend. The concern is that this update is likely to be a site breaking update that will affect millions of sites across the internet. Additionally, the cost associated with retraining employees and fixing issues with this latest update is estimated to be in the millions.

Additionally, many plugins used by end users have not had a chance to ensure they work with the new version of WordPress, this is because the timeline from beta to release has been rushed.

Do I need this update?

No. Our recommendation is to turn off auto-update to ensure you don’t wake up to your site broken on December 6th.

What are my alternatives?

At Insta-Websites, we will be moving all clients to ClassicPress, a WordPress 4.9 fork. This means you can stay on the WordPress version you are currently using with no threat of forced updates that will break your site. There is a plugin to help you migrate over to ClassicPress available here.

Do you have questions about this WordPress update or need help migrating your site? Contact us today.